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GyazMail is shareware. You can try it for 40 days for free. If you’d like to continue using it after that time, you must purchase a license.


GyazMail allows for licenses to be installed in any of the following different ways.
  • Personal licenses
  • Personal licenses are for individual users. They permit use of the software by a single individual.
  • Machine licenses
  • Machine licenses are for those who share a computer with multiple people. They permit use of the software on a single computer by unlimited users.
For example, if you (a single individual) intend to use GyazMail on multiple machines, you just need one personal license (there’s no need for machine licenses for each computer). Similarly, if you are sharing a home machine with your family members and all of the members use GyazMail, you only need one machine license (there’s no need to buy personal licenses for each member). However, if you are sharing a home machine with your family using GyazMail and you also use GyazMail on the other machine at your office, you must have two licenses (a machine license for the home machine and a personal license for the office machine). If you have any questions about these policies, please email sales@gyazsquare.com.

License Purchase Conditions

  1. You have an email address
  2. The license key will be sent by email.
  1. You have made sure that GyazMail works properly in your system
  2. GyazMail licenses are non-refundable.. Please use and explore the software thoroughly during the trial period. Once you’re satisfied with the product, we look forward to your order!

Purchasing the License

  • Paypal ($18.00 / 1 license)
  • Paypal
  • PayPal is an online payment service that allows its members to send money online to anyone with an email address. Normally you should receive the license key by email 3-4 days after your purchase order. If you don’t receive your key more than a week after your purchase, please contact us at sales@gyazsquare.com.

Filling out the License Key

Once the payment is completed, you will receive your license key by email. Choose License from the GyazMail menu of GyazMail to fill out the necessary information. Enter the license key along with the email address used when you purchased the license in the License dialog box that appears, and click Add. (The email address entered here does not affect software operation in any way.)

Reissuing the License Key

In case you lost your license key, email to with all the following information. (your name registered when you purchased the license, your email address, and approximate date that you purchased.) Make sure you are writing from the email address registered when you purchased the license. Please note that in case identification is failed or you are not able to provide all the necessary information, the license key may not be reissued. Reissuing the license key is only available to the email address registered when you purchased the license. (Even if you disable the email address, the license key is still effective so that you can continue using it.)